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It's been rather wet

The recent weather has dominated things at Toddle Cottage, as the photograph further down shows. The rain and floods are one thing but when the winds become gale force for hour upon hour, it sadly restricts the height Paul can walk the dogs at. However, road walks ensures that heelwork is kept up to scratch !

However, meet anxious looking Arthur, who has travelled up from Bristol to spend a few weeks with me.
This little lad has plenty of behavioural issues, but given time I'm confident that I'll be able to sort most of them out and give him a new lease of life.
One concern he arrived with was a sudden need to bite one of his legs when out for a walk. It's wondereful that the little dog  seems to have forgotten about this and is enjoying being out ..... now for the next problem !

Two photographs featuring Honey, a lovely young Lab who's also just arrived for residential training.
The first few days showed me that I had a rather stubborn youngster on my hands but we'…