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Warm days with occasional rain has allowed the grass in my fields to suddenly grow, although one is more yellow than green due to being covered in buttercups.
Despite the height, the dogs still enjoy the chance to let off steam in the grass, even though they end up yellow !
Two little characters who do enjoy being outside are Betsy (l) and Boris(r), my residential training guests. These Bichon Frise have recently arrived and at the moment are always on the lead. Oncethey know what my recallmeans they'll be allowed to explore like every other dog. Despite being very close to each other, I'm training them seperately and am confident the leads won't feature in too many photographs !

One member of the gang who did miss out on a journey into the meadow was HRH, who, if you can't tell, is showing just how miffed a Chihuahua can look !

One dog who is off the lead and long line altogether is Tally. When she first arrived, this youngster would literally pull me out of the kitchen a…

Phew ....... a chance to sit down

Paul's insistence that I write "OFF" in my diary every Monday is probably very wise.
As someone who verges on being a workaholic, I sometimes need to be told to stop for my own benefit. Nevertheless, the remaining six days are just packed, with day courses, residential training and of course training dogs not to chase sheep and other livestock.
The latest email requesting help was from someone in Texas, while last week I was invited to an expenses paid trip to Portugal to solve the problem with some dogs. Thank goodness for the internet !

Meanwhile, guests come and go, with one of my residential training dogs being 6 month old Tally.
When she first arrived, Tally pulled my arm out of its' socket, but two weeks since arriving, I now have her walking to heel on a lead on the road, while off-lead in the garden. She's one cheeky little dog, who, as Paul has discovered, likes to help in the garden !
Paul took this pic on his phone of the dogs cooling off in a nearby beck.…