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I've gone back to school

Annie is now 5 months old and being a Clumber Spaniel, she's been blessed with a wonderful sense of smell. 
With the help of two members of the mountain rescue I've opted to put this to good use by training her to track, rather than the alternative gundog. These are still early days and as a young dog with alot of growing still to do, distance is limited but so far things look really promising.

Seeing four dogs of the same colour and size looks contrived but trust me it's not.
I caught these four sharing one bed in front of the Aga. Now if this is not cosy then what is ??
Paul tends to leave his camera in the kitchen which allowed me to use it without any disturbance, although on reflection I doubt anything or anyone could have made these four move !

Meet Swift, a sevn month old Vizsla who decided to show me his serious and scary look ! But these looks do not portray his character, which is that of a lovely soft lad.

I see beds of all shapes and sizes, but sometimes it…