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Raindrops keep falling on my head

Forget "reality" shows with bejeweled Chihuahuas being carried about in handbags. Real dogs climb mountains or big hills - just ask Toby and Honey. The former is in for boarding and yet again it was fantastic to see a dog arrive looking so happy to be holidaying with us. Now maybe it was the thought of going on some lovely walks ............

......... or maybe it was the thought of a little private time with HRH. Judging by this expression on his face, I think it was the latter !
Meanwhile Stanley displays the benefit of being a bigger dog to Charlie, as he enjoys the view of Haweswater (believe me Charlie that's what he's looking at !)

However, not to be outdone ....... !!
When Paul walked young Tally, he wasn't expecting to take half the fellside with him as well ! But her nose took her into places deep within the bracken and once out, a large bunch of greenery was attached to the long line. If ever a dog was camouflaged it's Tally !