Monday, 16 July 2018

It's Summertime - just ask Ella !

Eight month old Ella is part dog / part otter. This is her usual style for getting into water - providing it's deep enough. On this occasion there was a purpose, with a yellow ball bobbing on top. Only trouble is, despite her eyes being on the subject, the final pic shows that she rather overshot the mark !

Whoops - overshot the ball completely !

When Rosa arrived 10 weeks ago, the last thing we would have done is allowed her complete freedom - and on a Fell !!
But what a difference structured training has made to this youngster. Rachel has helped in turning this beautiful Yellow Labrador into a dog who's a real joy to have around, and in truth who we are going to miss when she returns home shortly.

On our secret walk .....

...... so secret we never meet anyone else.

14 week old Etta is a Flat Coat Retriever who I recently had staying with me. I took a shine to this big pup, who is full of energy and a willingness to learn.
14 week old Etta, a Flat Coat Retriever

With the generous help and time afforded by a local farmer, our field has been cut. 95 bales later, it is now clear and once more being used to help with training.
97 bales of good quality hay from our field

It's in the eyes !
Paul's lovely lad Sumo has been caught where he shouldn't really be and doing something he shouldn't really be doing !
Is that his bed ? I'll leave you to decide, but on the second pic .......

...... Sumo has been exploring the newly dug ditch - until he was told to stop, as he was slowly filling it in again !

Don't worry Sumo -- we love you really !!

The expressions that Meg and Bess show sums them up. They are very alert and full of fun. Without doubt, great to have around !

"Where's the fun - where's the action ?"

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Fran Ardley the Gun Dog Trainer

While Rachel is a trainer and partner in Cumbria Dog Training, my other daughter is a professional in gun dog trainer.
Fran has been training dogs for owners from all over  the UK, as well as being asked to judge dogs in in the very male world of trialling. Not bad for a young lady still in her 20's !

Paul's six month old Working Cocker Spaniel Ella loves riding in the cars. She has tremendous spring in her skinny legs and gets into the back of the Hilux with little effort. It's a different story when it's time to leave. She's been trained never to jump out but to be patient and wait for her owner to pick her up, thereby preventing injuries ..... and vets bills !!

When are we going to be there Dad ?

Boarding dogs Charlie and his brother Alfie are staying with me for a few days, and as can be seen, a ball is something that creates a real bond.
These two young dogs are lovely characters.

Is this the cool way to carry a ball ?
Scarlett, a young Cavapoo, stayed with me recently. Initially a little nervous, she was introduced to calm dogs who accepted her immediately. That gave her confidence and we soon saw a different dog. Well done Scarlett !


Sunday, 4 March 2018

It's Snowing !!!!!!!

Mick likes snow. And Mick also likes running.
So when the opportunity presents itself, I doubt you'll see a happier dog anywhere !              

One happy little character 2 yr old Mick 

A momentary break for Sumo and Mick.

Sumo & Mick
Okay .... not everyone likes the cold winds from the East, and snow blowing over their heads. Honey chooses to stay warm in her bed ..... until late April !

"Wake me up when it's warm again - outside !"

14 week old Ella loves the white stuff and is determined not to be left behind.....

........ even if that means running after Sumo looking more like a Polar Bear than a black puppy !

Bella is all eyes for a snowball - although it appears her mouth isn't as big as she thought it was !

"Does anyone know who the Pack Leader is ??"

Monday, 15 January 2018

"Smile - and don't drop the ball !"

This is a picture of Paul's Working Cocker Spaniel named Sumo, holding a training aid - in this case a rabbit ball.
It was interesting to see how Sumo's behaviour - as a full male - changed once Paul took on another full male dog. 
Having been a very calm character, he slowly started to guard his owner, with the inevitable "handbag fight". 

Finally (!), Paul made the decision to have him neutered. 

And as he proudly tells me, he has his "old Sumo back".

Meanwhile the pups have all gone to new homes. It's a quieter place without them but I miss that little something only a puppy can provide. I'm not quite sure what it is - maybe the softness of the coat, their inquisitive attitude and a desire to investigate places they should go to !

Nevertheless, these three photographs are some of the last I took.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

The One Day Old Puppy

An unnamed one day old puppy lays safe and secure by her mother. Minnie gave birth to four healthy Working Cocker puppies, all of whom have homes to go to.
Over the next few weeks we have the joy of watching their development, starting with them opening their eyes. These coming weeks are truly wonderful and a real joy to watch.

Minnie and pup sleep soundly.
Meanwhile Joss, a 10 week old Working Cocker Spaniel demonstrates just how natural he finds carrying shot game to be ! This photograph was taken over a week ago and it was very reassuring to see that this little lad has a one aspect of his training sorted out already !

Joss with his pigeon
And a tennis ball is always a collectable item !

Friday, 15 September 2017


Eighteen month old sisters Evie and Ziggie are very photogenic. Neither of these small Working Cocker Spaniels think twice about running through deep muddy water or into thick brambles if it means retrieving shot game.
But when the day is over and they've been washed, dried and fed, there's nothing more comfortable than the high chair to share.
" Can we try that butter trick ?? "
Meanwhile brother Mick really is the clown. If ever a dog could smile than this one can. A quick nip on his nose from another dog when he was only a few weeks old initially made him made him cautious of his own kind and he lacked a certain amount of confidence. But careful introduction by his owner to the "right" dogs at an early age meant that Mick was soon running about with the other dogs and enjoying every moment of it too. While the running has got faster, it now includes pieces of tree and a smile ! 
Happiness is ....
What is Sumo looking at ? I'll never know !
 Charlie looks right down his nose at the camera, suffering while the photographer achieves the "right" shot. Poor lad.
Charlie suffers for arts sake
Having set my stand up, I allowed myself a quick break before the Lowther Show got up and running. Once it did, I was on my toes until 6pm, talking all things dog with some really lovely owners.
Waiting for the crowds at Lowther

August 12th - the "Glorious Twelfth"and Pixie is on the moors enjoying her first grouse shoot. I'm not too sure what that sideways glance is all about but I can say that come the evening she was rather tired ! 

Penny for your thoughts Pixie !
Three photographs of Zara, a young French Bulldog who stayed with me for two months residential training. When the lead and long line were finally allowed off, this little dog showed just how fast she can run - and needless to say, a tennis ball was always the object of her desire !



Monday, 17 July 2017

Rufus is off !

8mth old Hanna is one of my training clients.
She has a lovely temperament and as someone who's owned Rottweilers/Dobermans in the past, I found her to be representative of the breed.
It saddens me that such beautiful dogs can get such bad publicity, largely due to a few thoughtless owners.
Recently Rufus stayed with me for two months residential training.
His stubbornness showed itself early on when he point blank refused to sit !
But over time he respected and obeyed the commands which Rachel and myself were using and we were both delighted to hand over such a well behaved and calmer dog to his owner.
Meet Border Collie Alfie, who, along with his brother Charlie, is staying with me for a few days.

Zara and Gerry came into the stable with me earlier today. While the former was inquisitive as to what I was doing, little Gerry didn't have the same confidence to stand up and be nosy .... but given time !


Charlie brush up well. These two youngsters are certainly photogenic.