What is it about Cockers ?

A portrait shot of Paul's lovely little Working Cocker Spaniel Ella, who adores him !

This is one for the scrap book - Elvis in quiet contemplation !
Paul has been training this 9 month old live wire Working Cocker Spaniel for the past 3 months and is enjoying every minute of it.
And it's easy to see why !

8 year old Millie came to stay with me for a 24 hour "try out" prior to a longer board.
Judging from her expression, this lovely Westie has made herself right at home - which is exactly what I want !

Kes, a beautiful dog who's darkly photogenic.

A simple photograph Paul captured a few evenings ago, very close to home.
He'd been out with his own dogs who were back in the truck - as seen on the left of the photo.

Another day of walking the dogs in the Park....oh well, someone has to do it

Elvis lives !!

For the past two months, Paul has been working with Elvis, a really wonderful 8 month old Working Cocker Spaniel.
He's mentioned how much he's enjoying training this youngster and that Elvis is picking things up quickly, though having seen this photograph, I'm not exactly sure what he means !

"I hope you're not intimidated by me looking up your nose", says Ralph to Inka.

Not many dogs about here and for good reason.  Even seasoned gundogs would have shuddered at the boom of some of the explosions - though for us humans they were spectacular !

A bad hair day is a bad hair day - even for Finn, a Bedlington x Whippet.

Peanut is a beautiful looking Cocker with the softest eyes and eyebrows to match.

Jura has a great expression. She stayed with me on a 24 hour "try out", which I ask all potential dogs to have before boarding.This allows me to see how well they settle in to a new environment and with other dogs. The last thing I want is a poor animal who is st…

Summer 2019 - sunshine and showers

How wonderful to see a dog express his enjoyment at being in water as much as Bear does. This youngster loved our muddy ditch and ran up and down constantly.
But then came the washing and drying of Bear and the question "why did I allow him to do that ?!"

.............and then there was Murray !

Heidi, a recent residential training youngster, loved to let off steam by jumping through the air for a tuft of grass. This Munsterlander was quite a sight, as her long legs allowed her to get quite a leap.

Mick, enjoying some playtime in the heather !

Bert is famous ..... well, in a way he is. Rachel's lad is on the front cover of a certain 2020 calendar. Photograph by Paul.

Keep Cool Sumo !

Few things are nicer than a beautiful summer's walk being finished off by a cooling swim in a beck, hidden from all and known by only a few.
Paul's dog Sumo is in his element here, with the joy of jumping in, then swimming to retrieve a tennis ball.

Bert has figured out how to leave the far bank to cross the beck but unfortunately for him, he's sitting on the last rock. Next step will be into the water.....not a thing he particularly enjoys.

 A beautiful image captures a beautiful dog - Lewis, a Black Labrador.

 Chester is a regular boarding dog and his owners asked Paul to take a series of photographs of him while he stayed with us. Here is just one of them.

What can I say ?
This is me having alot of fun - especially with Milo, a Pug X Shih Tzu.

Cool Dogs

I'm lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful rural areas of the UK. And if that wasn't enough, it's a quiet area too, free in the main from tourists and visitors.
Why is this important ?
Because it means there are lots of "secret" places that, despite their beauty, nobody knows about. This allows myself or Rachel to exercise the dogs in complete solitude !
One such place is a beck deep enough to swim in (I know), and a fantastic place to take the dogs on hot days.
It's a strangely satisfying feeling seeing the dogs swimming around, cooling off and looking totally happy and content. And I guess no dogs exemplify this more than Bert and Charlie, Rachel's own two dogs

The whirlwind is back AKA Peggy !
This photograph sums her up - she seems to fly around, not stopping for breath, just an absolute bundle of energy.But what a cracking little Cocker Spaniel she is.

Bear chasing Bryher became a feature when these two recently stayed. These two loved playing to…

Ar Last !!

George is a Vizsla who stayed with me recently for home boarding.
Paul - with his photography eye - was immediately attracted to the youngster, and before he knew what he was doing, George was sitting by our glass door listening to the click of a camera.
To see George, along with other dogs, visit

Meet a four legged Ferrari and Lamborghini.
Jasper is an incredibly fast little Working Cocker Spaniel, while just behind him is liver coloured Bryher. Both characters are wonderful dogs and great fun to have around.

Meanwhile, at just 4 months of age, Czech Shepherd Kimba is already displaying her natural serious expression.

Springer Spaniels can be alot of fun, and this is well demonstrated with Finch, a 9 month old dog who is finally photographed sitting down !
Finch is a lovely lad who's wants to explore anything and everything - so why would he want to sit down ??

And this is part of my office - taking time out between lessons to give my own girl…

Winter Sun

Winter sun cheers everyone up - including Mick, Ella and Sumo. This photograph is a great example of  how these three happy dogs are.

But with winter comes rain - and what Cocker Spaniel doesn't like water ??
Pixie absolutely loves it .... not that you could tell.

But while the youngsters play, 14 year old Border Collie Misty relaxes on the warm wooden floor of my office.

"Bear" the Leonberger stayed with me for two months of residential training.This big dog was a real handful to begin with and the thought of being off a lead was a distant dream. Nevertheless, persistent training paid off  - although the sight of him "charging" kept me alert !

Peanut is a wonderful young dog. This year old Cocker is such a happy little character and is great company.