Sunday, 4 March 2018

It's Snowing !!!!!!!

Mick likes snow. And Mick also likes running.
So when the opportunity presents itself, I doubt you'll see a happier dog anywhere !              

One happy little character 2 yr old Mick 

A momentary break for Sumo and Mick.

Sumo & Mick
Okay .... not everyone likes the cold winds from the East, and snow blowing over their heads. Honey chooses to stay warm in her bed ..... until late April !

"Wake me up when it's warm again - outside !"

14 week old Ella loves the white stuff and is determined not to be left behind.....

........ even if that means running after Sumo looking more like a Polar Bear than a black puppy !

Bella is all eyes for a snowball - although it appears her mouth isn't as big as she thought it was !

"Does anyone know who the Pack Leader is ??"

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